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In today’s society the idea of the nuclear family that typically centres on a married couple with 2 children is no more. Society has evolved in such a way that there are now several common types of modern families, couples in a committed relationship with one or more children, divorced, separated or widowed with a mix of children, single parents with children and married couples with older children who have grown up and have had families of their own.

In contrast with the nuclear family, we now have larger extended families and families with more than two parents. Times are changing and families are growing bigger, parenting and relationships are becoming more diverse whilst embracing these diverse family relationships, they too come with diverse needs and issues.

Here at Family Matters, we work with families that have both simple and complex relationships and we’re fully aware of complexities that can arise when working with ex spouses, step children, minors and children with learning disabilities.

A Diverse Range Of Services

We are able to offer a diverse and extended service, to all your financial affairs, from buying houses to writing a Will to protecting that recently bought property from Care Home Fees.

The services and products we offer here at Family Matters can deal with complex and difficult circumstances. We pride ourselves at offering a service that is within the financial reach of all of our clients.

Why tell your story to lots of different professionals, when you just have to tell your story once to one professional, working with Family Matters, everything you may need advice and help with can all be solved in one place.

Our estate planning advisors have undergone a training plan of accreditation and are registered members of the IPW. Our legal advisors are supported by accredited lawyers.

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Being in retirement always seemed unknown for risks and income. However, I feel safe after contacting this company. I am grateful for the advice and benefits for my family!”

Patricia Moore

Patricia Moore

North Sheilds

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