The Importance of Good Estate Planning

Making a Will is an important step to ensure that your family is protected in the event of your death. Estate Planning has many benefits which will help protect your family financially in many ways.

It’s important to ensure that your assets, money and property are protected now and for your family’s future, in the event of your death. To be able to leave your loved ones your hard earned money, why not protect it and make certain that your loved ones are supported now and for the future.

What is an asset?

An asset is a useful or valuable thing, an item of property owned by a person or a company, regarded as having value, these can be worldly goods, property, valuables or possessions.

For most of us the reason for making a Will, is a need to be assured that the ones we care for most receive exactly what we want them to inherit from our estate with the minimum of delays and obstructions after we have passed.

A Will is essential to identify what you want to happen after your death and who you want to benefit from your estate. Here at Family Matters, we can address all the different possibilities and fully explore any potential issues.

An effective Estate Plan, minimises the prospect of alternative people and institutions removing money from your estate prior to your death and after your death. Here at Family Matters, we will ensure that you will receive exactly what you need to make your Estate Plan robust and effective.

All of our Estate Planning Advisers are professionals having completed a progressive training plan of accreditation and all are registered members of the IPW (Institute of Professional Will Writers). All our legal advisers are supported by accredited lawyers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Estate Planning.

How We Can Help You

Writing a Will doesn’t have to be a daunting experience, help is at hand, to start this the process of writing your Will, we will guide you through a step by step plan;

Your Will Journey will start with;

A Fact Find; A short phone call to establish the basic needs of you Will.

Following the Fact Find, we will carry out a more in – depth telephone conversation or a home visit by one of our Estate Planning Experts. During these conversations we will discuss some of the real life scenarios that over the 30 years in this industry we have dealt with, we will look at all the likely scenarios that might need addressing.

Once you have been advised and put forward your requirements and your needs, we will draw up a draft Will and we will send this to you to be approved, for spellings and dates, once it has been approved you will need to sign and date your Will with witnesses and the original Will can be sent to you, or you can take full advantage of our Will Storage Services. However, complex or simple the issues are, you are in safe hands with Family Matters, Contact us today, to protect your family’s future.

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