Before deciding what is the best call of action for your circumstances and your family, a few questions will need addressing:

How much inheritance tax will your estate pay?
What if you need long term care?
How will your family pay for your funeral?
What happens if you fall ill?

Here at my Family Matters, we have a wide range of specialist Protection Plans and services, that will help you and your loved ones, when life on occasions through us an obstacle.
We can offer the following services and protection policies;

  • Life Assurance, which pays a life assurance sum out on your death.
  • Serious and critical illness policy, which pays you out if you contract cancer or another serious illness.
  • Funeral Plans which cover the cost of your funeral.
  • Care Fee plans that mitigate the cost of care both in your existing or residential home.
  • Inheritance Tax Mitigation Trust which can be used to protect your home or pension.
  • Income Protection Plan, which covers your wages if you are off sick for 3 months, and replaces your salary before you retire.
  • Family Income Benefit, this plan pays a monthly income to partner or spouse if someone dies.
  • Business Protection Insurance, this ensures that your business is protected should the owner or partner of the business die.
How We Can Help You

Here at Family Matters, we have a wide range of specialist protection plans and services, that we can guide you through and find the right policy for your circumstances however simple or complex it may appear.

We will consult with you about what you want or need and then using our large network we will compare plans and protection services from both the high street and products only available to our team of professionals here at Family Matters, we will find the most appropriate policy plan for your circumstances.

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