The unprecedented times we currently live in has resulted in a surge of demand for Will writing. Results suggest the increase being around 76% higher as people are determined to plan their future and finances. The news everyday gives numbers of people that have sadly died combined with people possibly having more time due to being at home has meant a massive surge for Will writing services.

Family Matters have always highlighted the importance of making a Will and using a good Will writing company to help you.

Importance of a Will

Your Choice
Writing a Will ensures the people you want to inherit do so. You decide who gets what from your estate. If you die without a Will, known as dying intestate, the laws of intestacy decide who benefits. This could be person/s you do not wish to receive anything.
Name Guardians
If you have children that are minors you will want to name the people you would like to look after them in the event of your death. If you do not appoint guardians the court will decide who will look after your children.
Name Executors
You can name the executors, these are the people that wrap up your estate. They collect the paperwork, usually undertake probate, pay debts and distribute the estate to your beneficiaries.
Trusts can be extremely important when leaving assets to anyone but particularly young children. You need to have a Will to set up a trust.
Reduce Conflict
By making clear what your wishes are there is less chance of loved ones being able to disagree over what you would have wanted.

Lockdown, Coronavirus and social distancing measures have all led to potential difficulties in writing a Will in the UK. There are some legal requirements that must be met in order for a Will to be valid and legal.
A Will needs to be ‘wet’ witness signed by two witnesses present with you at the same time. This is extremely difficult under social distancing guidelines set by the government.

Our advice is to contact us if you are unsure or need advice on signing a Will. Some guidelines which we always adhere to:

  1. Never put yourself at risk. You should follow the social distancing rules at all times.
  2. If you are able to get witness signatures safely always retain a 2m metre distance.
  3. Do not share a pen. Ask you witnesses to bring their own.
  4. Leave a bottle of hand sanitiser next to your Will documents.
  5. Always wash your hands with soap and water afterwards.

If in doubt or you are a vulnerable person please always seek advice in the first instance and never put yourself in a dangerous position.

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